Let us bring your phone back from the brink with our water damage repairs in Adelaide

Mobile Water Damage Repairs Adelaide
Our water damage repairs in Adelaide could save your phone from a watery grave. We understand it’s easy enough to drop your mobile phone in the sink, or even worse, the toilet. Conversely, many people get stuck leaving their phones in their pockets and putting it through the washing machine. Whatever the cause is, unfortunately water damage usually results in having to replace your phone. However, with our expert team at Mobizone, if you are fast enough, we may be able to save your phone for you!

When you experience water damage, the first thing you should do is obviously get it out of the water as quickly as possible. Next, make sure you don’t try and switch your phone on, as this can cause it to short circuit. Then comes the most important step, remove the battery. This is a crucial step in saving your phone, as we all know, electricity and water do not mix.

Once removing your battery take out your SIM card. Most of your valuable contacts should be stored on your SIM. For many people, this could be more worth saving than the phone itself. SIM cards survive water damage well. Lastly, cut power to you phone. Many circuits inside the phone will survive immersion in water, provided they are not attached to a power source when wet.

After you’ve taken your phone apart, take it to our specialist repairers at Mobizone. While a long period of immersion, like being in the washing machine cycle, is cause for alarm, it’s still worth taking it to Mobizone as soon as possible. Our team of professionals repair all types of water damaged mobile phones. With extensive experience in dealing with water damaged mobile phones, you can have peace of mind knowing your phone is in the right hands. We pride ourselves so much on our water damage repairs in Adelaide, the we even offer the service to other mobile phone repairs shops.

Water causes damage in mobile phones, mostly owing to the salts contained within it. These salts are corrosive and will eventually damage your phone if not cleaned correctly. Drying out your phone is not enough to fix it. This is just a short term fix as the corrosive residue remaining will eventually damage your mobile phone.

Most phones will have a colour change indicator and once water has entered the phone this will change colour and normally invalidate the manufacturers warranty.

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